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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Catholic Questions Catholic Answers PODCAST (Part 1-- God)

Catholic Questions / Catholic Answers PODCAST (Part 1 - God)
File size: 45 MB Run Time: 56 minutes
November 11, 2007

This podcast is based on a book off of our library shelves titled: Catholic Questions / Catholic Answers (written by Fr. Kenneth Ryan) and sparked our interest because of its easy question and answer format. The questions asked in this book are in-depth and provide a great way to discuss various areas of faith. The members of our group are devout Christians who were never or are no longer Roman Catholic, and we sometimes agree and disagree with some of the answers given in this book. However, this book provides our group with an opportunity to create a podcast discussing the questions and the answers given in this book and has become an enjoyable adventure. Most importantly, it is a chance for us to reflect and discuss these various topics using knowledge of Scripture and our faith in Jesus Christ which fulfills the purpose of our site: bibletruthonline.com.

In Part 1, we are discussing the chapter titled God and are presented with four questions:

1) I recently told a Jewish man that the Holy Spirit was the Third Person in the Holy Trinity and the Trinity was a mystery. What else should I have said?

2) All our prayers in the liturgy are addressed to the Father or the Son. Doesn't this ignore the Holy Spirit?

3) Is it true that God does not have any gender and that the Holy Spirit is often referred to as "She"?

4) When I pray should it be to God the Father or Jesus? Doesn't a person have to pray to Jesus to get through to God the Father?



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