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iTunes Version 7 For a list of Podcast software, CLICK HERE PODCAST DIRECTORY 1. Introduction to the Bible PART 1 10.3 MB Run Time: 36:09 ( 01/17/07 ) Part 1 begins by discussing each page of our 30 page slide show: The Introduction to the Bible. We discuss sin, God, Creation, Adam & Eve, The Flood, and begin to tackle the 10 Commandments. This series stops at Commandment #1. 2. Introduction to the Bible PART 2 11 MB Run Time: 48:27 ( 01/17/07 ) Part 2 begins with Commandment #2 and continues to Commandment #10. We discuss several issues within our society that relates to the Commandments. We conclude with some practical advice when one begins to read the Bible for the first time. 3. The Numbers in the Bible 24.2 MB Run Time: 52:56 ( 01/31/07 ) We discuss the importance of the numbers found in the Bible. The numbers help us gain more insight into the Bible. Through the numbers, a Divine pattern emerges and allows us to connect the information found in the Old Testament and the New Testaments. 4. Are you good enough? 27.7 MB Run Time: 48:24 ( 03/14/07 )
We discuss how to get into heaven, the nature of sin, confession of sins, the 10 Commandments, and the meaning of life. 5. Go and sin no more! 42.5MB Run Time: 74:25 ( 03/21/07 ) We discuss sin, confession of sins, repentance, forgiveness, the Good News of the Gospels, how many sins Jesus died for, and various questions asked by various religious groups. If you want to learn what the positive message of Christian faith is, then you
need to make time to listen to this podcast.
6. Catholic Questions/Catholic Answers PART 1 - GOD File size: 45MB Run time: 56 minutes
(11/11/07) This podcast is based on a book off of our library shelves titled: Catholic Questions / Catholic Answers (written by Fr. Kenneth Ryan) and sparked our interest because of its easy question and answer format. The questions asked in this book are in-depth and provide a great way to discuss various areas of faith. The members of our group are devout Christians who were never or are no longer Roman Catholic, and we sometimes agree and disagree with some of the answers given in this book. However, this book provides our group with an opportunity to create a podcast discussing the questions and the answers given in this book and has become an enjoyable adventure. Most importantly, it is a chance for us to reflect and discuss these various topics using knowledge of Scripture and our faith in Jesus Christ which fulfills the purpose of our site:

In Part 1, we are discussing the chapter titled God and are presented with four questions:

1) I recently told a Jewish man that the Holy Spirit was the Third Person in the Holy Trinity and the Trinity was a mystery. What else should I have said?

2) All our prayers in the liturgy are addressed to the Father or the Son. Doesn't this ignore the Holy Spirit?

3) Is it true that God does not have any gender and that the Holy Spirit is often referred to as "She"?

4) When I pray should it be to God the Father or Jesus? Doesn't a person have to pray to Jesus to get through to God the Father?
7. Who are the 24 Elders? File size: 44MB Run time: 55 min (11/22/07) In this podcast we explain why we disagree with the 7 most popular theories about who the 24 Elders in Revelation are. We then give a detailed explanation of our short and simple paper that we wrote found on our website We are not here to be unique, but we are examining our knowledge of Scripture and question everything. If we agreed with any one of the theories about the 24 Elders, we wouldn't have spent the time to write a paper. Due to the amount of questions received about this paper on our website, we felt that it was easier to provide our readers with an audio explanation of each of the 7 other theories and our own.
      This page contains a chapter by chapter bible study podcast on
                         the Book of Hebrews.
9. Who is Melchizedek? File size: 21.3 MB Run time: 27 minutes
( 01/06/08 )

As we continue our Book of Hebrews podcast series, we felt that it was necessary to talk about Melchizedek before we began with Hebrews chapter 5, 6, 7. These three chapters in the Book of Hebrews talk mainly about this so called "mysterious" "King of Salem" named Melchizedek. How can one understand these three chapters of Hebrews without knowing who Melchizedek is? We answer this question.

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